Hop, hop, hopping – three cities in three days: finally Alice Springs, and the Kangaroo Sanctuary

I feel a bit like a kangaroo after the last days: started hopping on a plane one Wednesday afternoon in Broome, hardly saw anything of Darwin (spent most of my time on the previously described excursion out of town, in a peculiar hotel room and in two taxis in the dark) and finally and very early on the third day I left for Alice Springs.

Why the hard hopping? I wanted to visit the Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs, and Brolga’s mob there gets the weekends off to relax without nosy humans (by now it’s Friday evening).

It’s a great opportunity to watch red kangaroos in natural surroundings and to hear about these beautiful creatures! I enjoyed the calm evening very much and took a few snapshots too…

Brolga and Max

Indi and Harry

Alice Springs itself

A lovely place, where everything you really need (e.g. a shop with a warm sleeping bag) is in walking distance. I said to someone that I’m going to the city centre and got a good laugh out of them. It is of course bigger than that, but since I’m currently on foot I appreciate it…

My favourite spot is the cafe hiding in the entrance of the Talapi Gallery next to the Visitor Information Centre: very good coffee, warm muffins and a table outside in the shade!

I’ve also had a look at the galleries with beautiful Aboriginal art, and I might be lucky to be on the road with a backpack and not be able to shop around. But some tiny souvenirs will find their way into said backpack.

Saturday’s impressions

my new favourite beverage

it’s real! Sweet Home Alabama!

Sunday’s impressions

Sunday market in Alice Springs

Participants of this year’s Pets on Parade in Alice S.

This afternoon a big football match between Melbourne and the Adelaide Crows will take place, following Australian Rules (“only played in Australia!”) and everyone in the area will come to watch. Since I’m not a fan of crowds and don’t know the first thing about football, Australian or otherwise, I’ve yet to decide if I’ll follow the crowd…but there might be a cafe or bar with a tv screen?


2 thoughts on “Hop, hop, hopping – three cities in three days: finally Alice Springs, and the Kangaroo Sanctuary

    1. I chickened out. But I watched some of it in a bar with a couple of other tourists, had no clue whatsoever what was going on. Well, it wasn‘t going well for one team, according to the commentators…

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