Why is Svalbard interesting?

Really? okay, get ready…polar bears amble along, the Global Seed Vault is on Svalbard, a working Russian coal mine plus settlement exist, wild reindeer almost shove you aside if you are standing on a especially tasty bit of vegetation, the two kinds of trees that exist are so small that you can only see them from above even if you are lying flat on your stomach, a whale might wow you out of your shoes, the midnight sun keeps you from sleeping, Walrus eye you suspiciously, glaciers calve, Arctic Tern could dive-bomb you, and flocks of Little Auks darken the sky. I’m only talking from a few days experienced in Arctic summer. 

Mind you, I’m not a herd creature, but an adventure in the Archipelago is better undertaken guided, as it’s not your average well-checked national park, but a fierce landscape and inhabited by wonderful but not necessarily easy-to-find creatures.

Would I come back? Sure, possibly in winter-ish times to see the Northern Lights and the (fewer) animals in their winter coats…

Would I recommend it? Please read above…

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