Last but not least: the Arctic birds

If you have never have met a birder, your chances are good you’ll get to know one here. It seems to be a great spot to see everything from Barnacle Geese to Guillemots, good fun for ornithologists.

We saw many a species, and today a Arctic Skua had its special guest appearance. Not the first one we got to see, but it was the first one attacking reindeer getting too close to its nest. It was really impressive how one bird harassed several reindeer and got his or her way!

PS: foto evidence shows it was a Long-tailed Skua.


2 thoughts on “Last but not least: the Arctic birds

  1. Other species seen were….
    Snow Bunting
    Great Skua
    Long-tailed Skua
    Pink-footed Goose
    Brent Goose
    Common Eider
    King Eider
    Long-tailed Duck
    Rock Ptarmigan
    Red-throated Diver
    Northern Fulmar
    Purple Sandpiper
    Golden Plover
    Red Phalarope
    Glaucous Gull
    Black-legged Kittywake
    Arctic Tern
    Little Auk
    Black Guillemot
    Atlantic Puffin
    Brunnich’s Guillemot

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