Surprised by the Arctic Fox (Svalbard…)

Nature keeps delivering. We are told repeatedly that nature is not there to entertain us, but currently it is doing a great job doing just that, so, pssst, don’t tell…

As the headline teases, we got surprised today. Our first landing site, Bourbonhamna, seemed like a nice enough spot, ideal for a little walk. After eyeing an old whalers’ boat, we didn’t get far before our usually calm guide starts spluttering and then manages to point out an Arctic Fox, who turned up out of nowhere about 20 meters behind us! “Nothing to see” seemed to be his motto, while he trotted away from us. We were of course clicking away like mad with our cameras.

Camp Millar offered a variety of walks, but I decided to go with a very small group to Little-Auk-Land AKA the cliffs directly. We made ourselves comfortable near the scree and waited for the Auks to settle. That didn’t really happen, instead a Fox turned up, looking just as startled as we did! As a bigger group of passengers moved in on our position, we decided to defrost and move a bit further. Quite a bit further we found more Auks and even saw another Fox 🙂

That evening was Midsummer Solstice, but I was too tired to stay up.

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