Poolepynten or: more Walrus? yep, and Reindeer (still Svalbard)

Going farther South than the previous days, it was time to get somewhat closer to some creatures.

The Walrus group we were hoping to see gave a great show with little to no action. Which means we didn’t scare them into running though we walked up quite close, pretending to be landscape. A small delegation playing around in the water came even closer to look at us. Finally, we quietly and happily trooped away, our camera cards loaded with pictures.

The afternoon provided the opportunity to stretch our legs on a glacier moraine at St. Jonsford, where we had a closer look at the tiny vegetation and some pretty rock formations. And then, two reindeer turned up! (There are only wild reindeer on S.) Munching away on the tundra, they eyed us and…went on munching. They even settled down to watch us. We had a good long look at them and then wandered off back to the ship. Our bird watchers raved about 4 Ptarmigans hanging out.

The crew prepared a wonderful barbecue for us, and with a view of two glaciers and the sun coming out, the day was just ending beautifully. Well not really ending: a) it was still broad daylight, b) we had a fun quiz in the lounge, before a bit of choppy sea came up and did cut the evening short for me.

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