Svalbard: Fjords, fjords and fjords

After staying on the ship all day yesterday, it was time to get off of it for a few hours. 

Cruising with the zodiacs through Fuglefjord, we got to see a variety of birds, for example Common Eider Ducks floating and flying around and Puffins popping up right next to us. Among the mammals, a Bearded Seal had lot of patience, while a Walrus decided not to stick around.

Magdalenefjord, besides being another fjord with another glacier šŸ˜‰ , turned out to be a nice spot for Walrus’ lounging on their preferred flat and sandy beach. While they showed off their lounging technique (which actually has a scientific name), a flock of King Eiders gave our ornithologist almost a heart attack. They went into fly-cruising mode, circling past us several times, then settled down for us to count them. Allegedly +/- 95 King Eiders with a couple of Common Eiders hung out, waiting for some lake or pond to thaw up.

We got to feel more or less solid ground (Permafrost melting) under our feet when we visited a beach to learn a bit more about early whaling history. Finally the ship took a turn past the second glacier and we went on our way south.

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