Somewhere in Northwestern Svalbard

After a night a bit rougher than my stomach liked, Krossfjord? was our first destination to go Zodiac-cruising. We saw a variety of birds which were cute but I don’t remember their names, a Bearded Seal from the distance and a group of Harbour Seals. The seals seem to be quite jumpy, but no wonder with Polar Bears going after them. A beautiful glacier rounded our first impression of the Arctic nature off. 

In the afternoon, it was time to stretch the legs. Four groups made their way fast or medium fast or medium slow or slow across the tundra, where we saw remains of Ny London, breeding pink-footed something geese, remains of a few unlucky animals and even a reindeer in the distance. Our ornithologist even caught sight of a white something Ptarmigan. I’ll keep that one as the polar chicken (careful, joking) in mind. 

When the ship moved on, we first got company in the form of some Minke Whales, later one (or maybe even two?) Blue Whales swam along!


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