Longyearbyen – or waiting for the ship to arrive

Honestly, I’ve been for a couple of hours in Longyearbyen and while I’m capable of spelling it, I have yet to figure out the pronunciation.

Longyearbyen is the oldest and biggest settlement around here. Our hotel is 4 minutes from the centre, but I guess only in winter when one hasn’t got to cross the meltwater / small river…well, more like ten summer minutes from our cozy Polarriggen, the centre is a parking lot and a supermarket, surrounded by a couple of outdoor and tourist shops. Noteworthy are the pharmacy, the only place selling a band now safely holding my sunglasses, and the post office, where I collected one additional stamp for my passport!

There are a couple of options to eat, and everything was quite tasty so far 🙂 While it is getting later, it’s not getting darker which is of course confusing my inner clock.

I expect I’ll appreciate this place more after the journey, for now the question is: Can we board the ship already???


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