Crossing the Antarctic Circle

With this step we got a whole lot closer to exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. It was a great occasion to celebrate, with a spectacular sunset in the background.


If you are interested in doing this, there are a lot of things to consider, especially the impact of humans on this fantastic part of our planet. While you could argue that one does damage by travelling at all, I don’t think you’d be reading a blog about travelling if this was your position, would you?

The company M and I travel with takes great care to explain and help protect the delicate eco system we are about to see. I cannot compare them with other companies, but Quark Expeditions has highly motivated people who love nature and want to share this love.

Another consideration unfortunately is money. I don’t own a car, which is good, because I just spent the amount for a small one coming here.

Time is a factor too. Take your time, it’s totally worth it.

Hope to update you soon with stories of animal sightings.

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