La fatigue du voyage

…or back to Central European Summer Time!
After a short night on the plane from Point-a-Pitre to Paris Orly, I yawned my way across Paris on a beautiful morning to meet dear friends. That’s when a kind French woman asked “fatigue du voyage”? Yes, indeed. [yawn]

I’m glad I had the opportunity to stroll through the quietish streets on a summer Sunday afternoon since I hadn’t been in Paris in a few years and was charmed (again) by the city. 

Totally off-topic, should you be a Pokemon Go addict (I admit to nothing), there is a ton of PokeStops.

The weather was far too beautiful to spend even a short time indoors, so, nourished by ice cream and other delicacies, we wandered through some beautiful areas and along the “beach” of the Seine into the Quartier Latin.

Recommendation of the day: If you travel via Paris, take the time for a good look around.

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