La Route de la Traversée or crossing an island

When you are on the Western shore of Basse-Terre, there are three options of going to Grande-Terre. While missing out on Deshaies and the North and having seen the South the day before, I decided to take the road right across the island. It took me awhile to leave the breathtakingly nice place where I stayed near the beach of Malendure, but finally I made it to the car and decided to skip an encore at the beach looking for turtles. It looked like it was the destination of half of the people from the other side (typical Sunday)!

The road  passes right through a beautiful forest and there are several trails for hiking. I explored one for an hour at the Maison de la Foret, a slightly muddy and very green experience.
My next stop was the Cascade aux Ecrevisses to cool down and enjoy splashing around a bit in the clear water. Again, I wasn’t the only one, but it didn’t matter.

It turned out I would have had enough time to go back to Deshaies, but being more than halfway to the Eastern side, I opted for relaxing/lazy back at my original hotel in St. Anne.

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