Day of the Turtle

…and colourful fish. But let’s face it. The first part sounds extraordinary. And it was!

Btw, if you were thinking of Om, I’m happy to meet another Terry Pratchett aficionado/a, if not, read “Small Gods”, like, now!

Back from the Disc World to Guadeloupe…I started out this morning from St.Anne with the goal to be in Basse-Terre by lunch time. Thanks to good roads and little traffic I was there sooner and explored the market as well as the pedestrian zone. It was a bit too busy for my taste and I left soon. My next goal was the beach of Malendure. It’s a nice, lively place with beach bars, but more importantly, options for snorkeling, diving, kayaking and going by boat to the two little islands right there. And why would you want to do any of that? There is the Japanese underwater garden, and the islands provide a nice area for fish. When I asked at the first place for a kayak for single person, they did’t want to give me one, but offered a boat tour with snorkeling in a small group that was about to start. Deal!

I’m a total beginner when it comes to underwater photography and snorkeling to see fish. More experienced people might have seen all of this before, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Before we returned to land, our guide stopped in the middle of the bay, explained a bit in French about turtles and how far we could swim, and then we jumped in again. And there really was one! Magical. We finally climbed back on board and saw one or two more from the boat.

I’m writing all this while hanging out on the terrace of my place for this night, a lovely place kept by two Italians, and sipping a Planteur. Or two.

 Hope you enjoyed travelling with me. See you soon!

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