Rain on La Desirade

This little island has a rich history and is a beautiful place that can be easily reached from St. Francois, if your stomach can take a few waves.

As the weather rained onto our little parade, there were a lot of rough waves but it was worth it if alone for the chicken Coco I had at La Payotte (see picture) not far from the harbour. It’s possible to take the public bus that waits for the boat’s passengers, or to rent a car, scooter or even a bycicle. The island is dominated by a lush, green mountain. I didn’t see the northern side, but allegedly I didn’t miss much. The place has a rich history for such a small place and beautiful beaches, so be an early bird and hop onto the boat in St. Francois.

Btw, I now know that there are two harbour areas in St. Francois…the bus and regular boat stop at the Gare Maritime or fishing harbour, yours truly at the other one…which offers acces to tour boats to the islands, ergo it took some detecting to figure out I was in the “other” place!

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