The beach La Caravelle

After a first scouting of the location yesterday I have now returned to La Caravelle, a beach famous for its beauty.

While it’s a lively place with the Club Med in the background, there are some quiet corners too where it is possible to stare into the blue sky and listen to the rustling of wind in the palm trees mixed with the murmur of the waves breaking on the reef. As you can guess, that’s what I have been doing. If you enjoy a bit more activity, watch others surf, swim and paddle. If you enjoy activity a lot, just go ahead, even kitesurfing is possible. I haven’t figured out if it is only for Club Med people or just anyone. Alternatively, hang out at the bar and watch the odd iguana walking by. 

What else has happened? It turned out that a bunch of Tour de Guadeloupe cyclists is staying at my hotel. Lots of hightech bycicle material around.

During my French class I had a revelation related to grammar. I was so surprised, my teacher had to laugh. Either my original French teacher failed to mention that particular rule or I missed it, slept through the lesson or I don’t know what. Two days into the class I’m very happy with my decision to take lessons.

Finally I made a new friend from Switzerland who is spending his last days of a trip to the Caribbean on Guadeloupe. Was sad to say goodbye already.

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