Decalage (jet lag) in Guadeloupe

Seems like half the island knows my name already. I arrived 20 hours ago, so it seems a bit odd to me…oh well.

But let’s start at the beginning. I arrived yesterday with Air France (luckily the strike didn’t affect my flight) from Paris Orly. I have never seen so many people between me and my gate.

The flight went well, though we waited for some latecomers. We arrived on time nontheless. I was again surprised how many people take toddlers on a transatlantic flight. Anyway, some eight hours later, I found my luggage and my friendly driver found me at the airport. Really, the only thing that malfunctioned was my credit card, but since I’m basically in France, my bank card did the job as well when I checked in at the hotel. After a slight, hunger-induced, panic attack, I managed to get hold of a snack. Everything was well again, even if the weather was as expected on the hot side and it was more or less two in the morning in Central Europe. yawn. Hang on. a hiccup was the very nice room without a moskito net. When I asked at the reception if there was no net  because no moskitos, the dry answer was: just no net. If you read previous posts, you know I’m slightly overorganized. I managed to hang up my own net with the help of a clotheshanger and some strong thread. McGyver would be so proud! 

Nine hours of not so sounds sleep later, it was seven in the morning. Time to find breakfast, and even more importantly, the language class. After a nice morning with Joelle and Stefanie wrapping my head around French vocabulary, the first expedition into St. Anne began.

On the walk I passed the cemetary, a supermarket, the artisan’s market and finally reached the communal beach. At that point I was a bit overwhelmed by being spoken to in French by complete strangers. A coffee and some cold water later I decided to roll with it.

After returning to the hotel to cool down a bit and to update you, I decided to explore the Caravelle Beach too. So this is where I’m going to go now! See you!

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