Essentials for Guadeloupe

What will I bring? Staying in a small hotel in Guadeloupe should be an easy way of spending a holiday but there are some things I won’t want to miss. Some are obvious – so optical sunglasses are on top of the packing list. Dare I brave the roads in a rental? I doesn’t take up space, so the driver’s license is coming too. Almost everything else can be bought around the world, that doesn’t stop me from bringing things. Shopping essentials is not on my to-do list. There are a bunch of packing lists on the internet going into every detail, so I don’t want to bore you, but here are my must-have items:

Earplugs. I should be safe under a mosquito net from the bites, but the sound! *zzz*

Electronics. my phone, everything else has to stay home.

Apps on my phone

  • Larousse. A dictionary if it gets complicated and I don’t want to get lost in translation.
  • Kindle. In case I run out of French paperbacks, this one is a must.
  • WordPress. Well, duh, how would I keep you updated otherwise?
  • here. My trusted offline navigation.

Okay, I lied. My beloved camera is coming too.

Beach bag. Where would I put the towel, sunscreen, snorkel etc. otherwise? I have tried without a bag: not much fun. Light but offering a lot of space, that’s the ticket.

First aid kit. Since I took a tumble not so long ago on another island without a pharmacy around the corner, band-aids and disinfectant are a must have.

What else?

Just because I own one, I’ll bring along my mosquito net. It’s light, it’s mine, it’s coming!

Will I bring duct tape? The jury ist still out. I’ll stay in a hotel, why would I bring it? But leaving my duct tape behind seems so…so wrong…

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