Something different: the bookshops of London

What do I do when I don’t dream of travelling? I travel. This time to the bookshops of London.
There are a million things to see in this beautiful and vibrant city, but I’ll tell you about my favourite and extraordinary bookshops in this blogpost.


Leave reality behind and dive into the Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue. Science fiction and fantasy battle for your attention and there’s always a nice fan article on the ground floor to go with your book and comic haul.


Foyle’s on Charing Cross Road offers something for everyone. If London had nothing else to offer, you would still have to go because of Foyle’s.


Hatchard’s on Picadilly offers the charm and good taste of an old-fashioned bookshop. If you are in the area, don’t miss it!


Edward Stanford on Long Acre is the perfect place to dream of and plan your future journeys. If your next destination isn’t on a map there…are you planning to leave the solar system?


You are in a hurry? Just stumble into the next Waterstone’s. There HAS to be one nearby. Too mainstream for some, W is all over the place and can save you from boredom and bad weather.


If you have been missing Blackwell’s so far on this list, that’s because I haven’t yet been to it’s new location on High Holborn and can’t say anything about it.

Tell me about you favourite bookshop, in London or elsewhere!

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