TdP – El Chileno to campamiento Torres

At 5 am we realized that VV could see even less than in the evening, so she went to catch the German doctor before he left for the TdP sunrise tour. He reassured us, so, after our booked breakfast, we saddled the horses…errr…climbed into our boots and hiked up to the campamiento Torres. On the way up we met many of our acquaintances from the trail. It was fun and sad at the same time.
The campsite of Torres is again basic but charming between trees.


An early lunch later, we took off to the famous Torres del Paine mirador. We wanted to make sure that we saw them in case the weather for the sunrise wasn’t as good as hoped.
Even without backpack, it took us a good hour to get to the lake. It’s an amazing place, but we agreed that no ten horses would get us up the trail before sunrise!


We made it back down and napped through our first free afternoon on the campsite 🙂
For dinner we “cooked”, last but not least, a beef hotpot.
And hurrah, our duct tape was used again to repair tent poles! I didn’t carry it around for nothing, yay!
Sunrise or not, as it was quite cool and drizzling a bit, we retired quite soon for our last night in the tent.


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