TdP – Los Cuernos to El Chileno

Although the entertainment in the Los Cuernos lodge went on into the evening and we had put up our tent in a transit zone (people climbed past us all the time on their way to the bathroom) we slept okay and tried for an earlier start than the day before. Only VV’s eye was swollen nearly shut! Luckily it didn’t seem to be serious.


The early morning light though was beautiful.
With an Expedition Breakfast in the stomach we started together with D and K after 9:15 am. While the landscape held no big surprises in store, there was one thing that stood out: no wind. We had a quiet lunch on the shortcut to El Chileno with a view on a smaller lake. Then it was a bit of bog hopping and a steady climb up and up and up. As marked on the map the wind started up about the time our path met the path from Las Torres.
At El Chileno our reserved platform waited for us, while D and K had to go on as the refugio was only open for reservations.


The generator totally failed me and only cold showers were available after 6 pm.
We had a delicious dinner with our Australian friends at 7 pm which even had fresh fruit as a dessert. We also made the acquaintance of a German doctor, who had a look at VV’s eye, and guessed it to be a spider bite. VV was of course “delighted”.
As our table space was needed for more hungry people, we removed ourselves to an oven-heated den at the back of the Refugio. An hour later we hit the sleeping bags, as the rest of the group planned to do the sunrise tour to the Torres del Paine. It was an option for us but we had planned it differently and stuck to it.

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