TdP – Paine Grande to Los Cuernos

After a quiet night in a real bed, a beautiful sunrise made loads of people with their cameras forget about breakfast.


Lots of chatting with our roommates and sorting the backpack later, at 10:15 am, D, K, R and our team of two tested our hurting feet again. We were looking forward to a shorter day. At lunchtime the group split at Italiano, as most of us had decided to skip the French Valley while R decided to go up, before leaving the the park by boat 😦
Shortly before reaching Los Cuernos, there is a beautiful pebbled beach worth a rest. Los Cuernos itself can be seen not much later in the trees. It’s a relaxed site and we met “our” group of Americans again. I had a kind of civilization shock, as there were again a lot more people here on the W than on the backside of the Circuit and I kept away from the crowded areas.

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