TdP – El Paso to Paine Grande

After our adventure the previous day, we had big plans again. Our next goal wasn’t Grey but Paine Grande. Though we tried to leave frugal El Paso sooner than later, it was almost 9 am. There are great views on the magnificent glacier again and the hanging bridges offer a little bit of thrill (or a lot, depends on your liking of heights).
As we arrived at Grey 12.45 pm, it was the perfect time to use the luxurious kitchen room to cook a lunch.
After the break we walked on, in my case it was more a shuffling as my knees quite hurt downhill by then and it’s a long stretch to Paine Grande. It doesn’t help that hikers doing the W trek or less skip past with tiny backpacks.
I made it to the big Refugio of Paine Grande (btw the place is also called Pehoe, some signs say that) about an hour later than the rest of the group, around 7 pm. But I made it, and this time, a soft bed and a dinner were waiting! A side note: I was so exhausted that I fantasized about leaving on the boat that visits the Refugio the next day, but sleep and food and a hot shower cured me of this idea.


important item of the day: a better plan than two exhausting days in a row.

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