TdP – Seron to Dickson

We took our time in the morning, leaving Seron in the sunshine at 10 am. Not only had we had strong winds during the night trying to bend the tents into the ground (and succeeding in some cases), the rain in our area meant the mountains wore nice caps of snow.


The trail was different from the day before and beautiful again. Quite early on is a steep bit to pass, but the view from the highest point is quite worth it. Welcome to Middle Earth. We passed the park ranger station at Coiron and made our way (in my case slowly) to Dickson. It took me until 6 pm to arrive. I was slow as a snail.The campsite lies close to the water on a small plain and can be overlooked from the trail. I was startled by an energetic football match which, it turned out, was played by the cheerful staff accompanied by equally cheerful music. After bumping into each other during the day, we met our new trail friends from Seron in this camp again. We set up our home, sweet home, and joined a very nice American group for a yummy pre-booked dinner at the Dickson shelter. After that it was sleeping bag time for us.

Useful item of the day: anti-mosquito spray!

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