TdP arrival – our first day to Seron

After a good night of Sleeeep, Hostal Amerindia provided us with an early and delicious breakfast. They also let us store our superfluous stuff. Hindsight: we should have left more weight. We also decided on a taxi to the bus Maria Jose and nearly regretted it: the trunk with our backpacks wouldn’t open. Moving on, nothing to see!
Maria Jose ferried us through the beautiful landscape, which offered sightings of Guanacos and Nandus!
Our bus driver was also a good Samaritan as well as a mechanic, because he helped fix the bus of another company which threatened to break down.
Finally we arrived at the one of the access points to Torres del Paine, Laguna Amarga, to register, receive our map and watch the obligatory video. Not knowing our passport number by heart we collected our backpacks early which was not a bad thing. We didn’t have to fret that the bus might leave with our things for the next stop. At 11 am we took the direct route across the bridges. Note to everyone: take a full bottle of water, it takes awhile to reach the first source. The landscape with the burned trees is eerie, but beautiful. Two Guanacos even made a special appearance for us. And it was so omnipresent, I nearly forgot to mention the wind.
I arrived a bit later than VV as I needed more breaks, at 5 pm.
After putting up our tent, we joined a couple of other people at the tables to cook our dinner. There was a common agreement about the importance of spoons. VV and I had a fifty-fifty chance as our spork separated itself into spoon and fork…
The wind was still going strong and made me chase a flying cover, entertaining a few watchers.

Most important item(s) of the day: Hiking poles

Note to self: next time, test dishwashing soap with cold water before bringing it on the trail


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