Santiago to Patagonia – a day in transit

Early – before dawn early – we climbed out of our soft beds and took the taxi to Santiago airport. I would like to make some witty remark, but there simply wasn’t enough sleep.


The flight was crowded with adventurers and uneventful except for one guy who was so impolite and self-centered that it was creepy.
Arriving in Punta Arenas airport I shuttled to the centre in search of gas for the cooker (4000 CLP for 325) and a lighter. The lighter is red and shiny πŸ™‚
I then found a small place with delicious soup. The coffee on the other hand…
At 3 pm it was time to climb into the Bus Sur bus and pick up my partner in crime VV at the airport. It was a good thing we had booked before as there were more passengers waiting who didn’t get a seat. The transfer was nice, no incidents to report. We finally arrived in Puerto Natales on time and hiked across town to our hostel. Amerindia kept its promises.In addition we were directed to a comfortable vegetarian place for dinner and afterwards fell into real beds for the last time in a while.


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