Santiago de Chile – hills and markets

Honestly, it was only one hill, but it offered another great view of a beautiful day.
We hiked up San Cristobal in perfect sunburn…ah, sunny conditions, accompanied by two delightful dogs. I’m not a fan of stray dogs, but these two kept us company all the way up to the statue. One even watched us get into the funicular for the way down…sniff.
We then strolled to the Plaza the Armas (it’s not exactly around the corner, but you get to see a lot).
Our friend and local guide took us first to the Mercado Central (fish!) and then to a fruit market (the name is escaping me right now, it wasn’t called Vega, but had a place making delicious fruit juices!).
The day ended for us after sunset on the roof terrace of the hotel Nio. Great view, but don’t walk in there in your hiking boots (we didn’t try).


I could do with one more day at least in Santiago, but Patagonia is calling!

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