An evening out in Santiago de Chile – Pisco in the Air

We had a very nice evening out in the Barrio Lastarria.
After an exhausting day, because the braaain had jet lag/lost sleep (I mentioned the children, right?) and organizing ourselves arriving, orienting, feeding the beast…we had a pre-dinner walk up the hill of Sta. Lucia. While it involved some narrow/steep stairs (good training) the view from the top offered a wonderful perspective of the city.


Dinnertime AKA the beast calling: our friend and host Felipe took us to Chipe Libre – Républica Independiente del Pisco. Apart from the omnipresent Pisco

Pisco in the Air

they provided marvelous and diverse Chilean/Peruvian food, finishing us off with incredible postres:


My photographic skills don’t do the food justice.
While it’s not a place for budgeting, the food and service were excellent and the atmosphere very, very nice.
ps: I’m writing this while being sober.


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