All my bags are packed…

Well, there are two bags, a big one for the trek and a small one for the plane.

So excited!! Today is the big day 🙂 We’ll “hop” (with our big bags) onto the plane this evening. And sleep hopefully, because in my case there was some sleep lost over “what else should I take, what could I leave?”

I’ll bore you now with some details of what is included in the small bag, because this is after all a travel blog where I hope to share useful stuff.

Included are:

  • Folder with documents: tickets, reservations, vouchers, maps (mostly in small print to save trees and weight)
  • Travel pouch: passport, credit card, Chilean Pesos
  • Paper and pen – blogging the oldfashioned way
  • Electronics: mobile phone, camera and power bank, charger, earphones
  • Watch (technically, I’m going to wear it, but it’s so important to me it is included here)
  • Glasses and sun glasses (one can always hope…)
  • Medicines: everything essential in case the big bag takes a hike on its own
  • Toiletry bag (dry): earplugs, toothbrush, brush, wipes, handkerchief, lip balm
  • Toiletry bag (fluids): toothpaste, deo, shampoo, fluid medicines)
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Entertainment: book, magazine and Sudokus

What else would you take? I’ve seen a lot of lists including various other items, but these are my essentials. 



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