Thinking in grams

The most important device I own right now? My kitchen scales! I now know how much my watch weighs!

Using a backpack for travelling is quite different from trekking with all your stuff and food for a few days.
I usually have a long, detailed list of things I intend to bring on a trip. This time the list features an extra column for weight. While I’m still wrestling with the thought NOT to bring a book, other people saw off half of their toothbrush to loose weight. So far, I have made the easy decisions of what I have to bring and leave behind and invested some money into lighter items. Also, my trusted, but 25-year-old, slightly damaged bagpack had to retire in favour of the newer, lighter generation.
Next step? Probably pack the backpack and lift it. Or not.  I have the feeling there are more decisions to be ‘weighted’.

Want to weigh in? 😉

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