Feeding the beast

No, I’m not talking about Pumas and Patagonian mountain trolls. I tend to transform into a nasty, mean creature when hungry. Think Gollum. I’ve heard that my partner in crime/trekking is of a similar disposition. Nobody come between us and the food!

Not long ago I posted a picture of some of our meals to come. Did my table for two entice you? Not so much? It might look a bit dry at first, but with the right amount of water, our trusted Trangia and a “bit” of exercise for the right appetite – voila!

We have the opportunity to get cooked meals at several points, but since that’s not always the case and we are neither related  to Midas nor Croesus, we decided to carry part of our food with us. You had a glimpse of our breakfast and dinner meals. 

Since we are hoping for a slightly fresher fare for lunches, a little adventure will take place in Santiago: discovering Chilean food. And the calorie-counting that seems to be necessary, if one doesn’t want to turn into Gollum…

Random things: you are not allowed to import honey to Chile. Okay, other stuff as well. Why don’t we bring some tins? What you carry in, you have to carry out of the national park. That goes for banana skins as well as tins.

Have we found the right balance between budget and baggage? We’ll find out and let you know. 


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