Plan A and B

Chile, the idea

I can’t remember for how long I have been dreaming about going to Chile. And then a friend said: Let’s do it!

Planning this trip started over two years ago: I had mapped out the places I wanted to see, on my own, when another exciting opportunity came up. And I postponed Chile. So long, plan A!

Anyway I’d lie if I said I remember how exactly we ended up with “let’s do it!” IT was the idea to do the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia, two girls hitting the trail, before my friend wanders off to higher places (no kidding, she’s going to Machu Picchu afterwards).

Chile, the timing

What does the plan include? Time management. Boring, right? Ha, not for me! First, we checked the seasons. When is a good time to go both to Patagonia and Peru? When will we get holidays?

How long will it take us to get there: there is some travelling to do to get to our destination, we also decided to check out Santiago, before going on to Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales.

After narrowing that down, we figured out how long the Torres del Paine Circuit would take us. (There are different options you can choose from, depending on how much time you want to spend trekking.) Our idea is to spend 8 nights, some say you can do it with seven, but it’s not a race, right? Right?? Overall we added an extra day which we’ll spend either waiting for a mountain pass to open up or later relaxing in Punta Arenas. If we end up waiting longer, we will have to skip a beautiful part of the landscape. The things we’ll do to catch our planes though…

Will the timing work out?


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